Sunday, March 1, 2009


it's been quite sometime since i last went for a photoshoot..and photoshoots makes me feel damn uneasy cause i suck at it..and furthermore i'm not photogenic..

initially i din know who'll be shooting for us..cause fern contacted the photographers..very random..

but this time round..i'm pretty satisfied with the outcome of the pics..Futagoza and Duke both possess good photography skills..

Self shot before letting the photographers do so..
and the outcome...after a tiring photoshoot

one of my fav pic..

and we definitely love the hat!!cause we've been camwhoring with it..

ok and if u guys wanna have good studio pictures taken..feel free to contact Futagoza 012 200 can ask bout the charges before proceeding to it..

or u guys can actually browse thru or or to get a clearer picture of everything..