Friday, September 9, 2011

Fruitful Month

Falling sick with the lousy weather in Malaysia..i dont wanna fall sick cause i have tonnes of things to complete this month..

Started my bootcamp this week and it almost killed me during my first session..but its fun and i'm looking forward to the next few session..if u are interested for the free trial,check out a good experience..

The day before each session i will feel extremely excited,during the session i will ask myself why am i paying to torture myself,and after each session i feel satisfied,refresh and proud and thankful that i am still surviving in this world..

If u're interested for a free trial lemme know..the more the merrier..

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello September 2011

How was ur horeeday??Selamat Hari Raya to those who are celebrating.30 days of puasa made me fat and another 30 days of raya will double up my size..

I have this terrible feeling today..for being a shopaholic and also spending unnecessarily..

Things that i've spent on and not fully utilising it.
1.Yoga classes-went 5 out of 10 classes
2.Bootcamp-went 0 out of 12 classes
3.Slimming course-went 6 out of 10 sessions
4.Bags,clothes,shoes,perfumes and etc....

Some are sponsored..i feel so miserable now..gonna convert my assets into cash..

Need to start saving and stop spending like a queen next month onwards when i start my new job..

Went to Singapore last week to complete my USS conquest and also to spend sometime with my Baby girl cousin..

We share the same interest from fashion to music to food,we share the same clothes when we were young, we share our make up and we share the same name.

Loo Ann & Loo Ern

Went to watch Lion King in Marina Bay Sands with Christy

Went to Hard Rock Cafe to watch Kumar Stand Up comedy.very hilarious..
with my baby girl again at MDA to submit my company's product

Very yummy popcorn esp butterscotch and caramel..

waiting for cab

at USS

a vain pic of me and my curly hair..

last but not least..the best crabmeat linguini that Xiaxue mentioned in her blog

Friday, August 12, 2011

sunbright shiny days

Hi Hi,
I feel rather lucky lately.Don't curse me after i say this. Had a wonderful month of July. Everything went as smooth as silk.

Got my job offer and didn't expect to get the reply so soon cause usually for big companies,they gonna take you at least 2-3 months for the interview and evaluation process.

My work is getting really fun..for the past 7 months that i've been working for this company.i have not encounter any "monday blues" feeling..mayb its because i love what i'm doing..i cant wait to go to work everyday.

I've occupied my days with yoga,golf and my computer graphic course. Just started golf last week and soon to be a pro.

Would like to thank everyone who has been supporting me..and i'm thankful to have kind and helpful friends around me. Appreciate all the advise,time and energy. I love you all. Taz

Friday, July 29, 2011

Loud Festival and Artistry

Dilemma is back after giving me a break for 2 weeks. I turned down an offer previously and now comes another challenging interview session next Monday for another FMCG company which ranked top 5 in the world. After my previous interview session,test and case study presentation, i did gained valuable knowledge on that particular organization. It is addictive to go for interviews and assessments and tests. There's no harm going and you gain additional knowledge from there. I would say the coming offer(if i pass the interviews) will be very attractive. I would say im crazy if i were to turn down this offer and alot of ppl is dying to join this company. I've done the test and it's slightly harder than the first company i applied for. 2 interviews to go for these 3 days. One will be this Sunday with the HR ppl and another with 3-4 interviewers. Fingers crossed they will still hire me after 6 months.

My boss gave me 2 VIP tics for Loud Festival and i'll be heading to Artistry after that. My first one this year as i've missed out a few good ones few months back.

Gonna get my beauty sleep now.

p/s:Please purchase more Molecule if you happen to see it anywhere. Your help is very much appreciated and i will compensate you with lotsa freebies/event invites soon.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011

Received a last minute call from my friend to join MTV World Stage tmr. So its a great opportunity and avenue for my company. Went to I-City this morning to get the set ups done.not something major cause its just a small booth and the rehearsals proved that tmr's performances will be a good one.

Some Pics from Gary Chaw's concert.
Gary Chaw sang Lagenda and it shows how he loves his own country.

We were sitting at the VIP area and Gary came to greet his fans and sponsors while singing.

Wasnt a big fan of him but i was impressed with his singings.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

work is challenging

busy for the next half of the month..planning for Q3 and Q4 for the company..

Please support MOLECULE . Add us on Facebook. Thanks to Eve for doing a great work on the design and all.

I'm knackered. In dire need for a long holiday.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

short update

just watched Gary Chaw's concert..shook his hand..but im not a big fan of him so i washed my hand already..but his concert really blew me off..he can really sing,same goes to his dad..will bring Mandy to Jay Chou's concert with my complimentary tickets end of this month since she's a big fan of him. My boss said its fringe benefits from the company,very smart. But thanks to them i am attending so many concerts this year.

Just bought vouchers for our tour to Beijing for 60 sg dollars..mad cheap..but of coz its not inclusive of airfare..just ground tour and accomodation.i dont need the tour guides so we will just ask them to rest in the hotel,60 dollars for 4 nights stay in a 4 star hotel is good enough..will be travelling with Lilian, Jacky, Ben, Desmond and my cousin sista tis time.

gonna zzz..baiz

Friday, July 15, 2011


OK..I AM NOT RESIGNING FROM MY CURRENT COMPANY..thanks and sorry to those that i've bothered asking for advise and all the long and lengthy conversations the past few weeks. I have decided to stay in my current company for another few months. Partly because of my bosses. They are now very happy that i am staying and i am happy for them. so my travelog continues as i am still in my flexibility mode.

So now,i've decided to take up professional development courses to improvise myself. Gonna take up computer graphic design followed by web design later on. At least i am still doing something meaningful.

Let's talk bout politics. I was educated bout politics happening in Malaysia during my trip to rainforest last week and now i am unbelivably talking politics to my friends. At the beginning,i was convinced that the Bersih rally was a good one to show democracy in Malaysia and i was very much touched with the spirit of our citizens. Watching the videos created supporting Bersih rally made me teared and it changed my perception towards the government. I was also convinced that the opposition will be able to change the country and the life of the citizens.

BUT. after reading some articles here and there, and listening to different opinions from my friends, i will not be siding any of the parties. The rally was said to be done under the NGOs but it was not questioned that why the oppositions was gathered together during the rally. What Najib said was right, that if there were no fair and clean elections, the oppositions wont be winning so many seats and the BN losing 5 states last year.

If i were Najib, i would just talk less or keep quiet at the mo better than saying the wrong things and make the citizens angry. Even if the opposition wins, how sure are you that they can really make a change for us? If Anwar were to be the PM, we might be converted to a pure Islamic country with no Chinese school PROBABLY.

Anyways, either parties are corrupted. So i dont think i am gonna register anytime soon which initially i thought i fuck it. i would advise all of you to read more and search for previous records of both parties before deciding who to vote.

The younger generations are seeing things too surface at the moment because we know nothing bout politics previously.

Dont be too shallow ppl.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Very Free..

Yes i am very free lately. That's why i can blog so often. I have done all my work,sorted out nicely and waiting for the weekend to arrive so i can attend Urbanscapes and Gary Chaw's concert.

As i was saying earlier, i am very sure that i'm gonna accept another job offer from a MNC company next month. BUTTTT, my bosses are behaving very weird these few days, dont know what are they up to now.They paid me for the leaves i took last month. Something must be wrong.

I actually applied for a few MNC companies and i did another assessment yesterday for another company. So now, the problem is, there's no problem. I just need to choose.

The downside of working for another company is....i cant travel that much anymore.. that's very depressing. i love to travel.

Alot of us dont deserve 2nd chances in life and i received more chances that i could ask for and forgo a few of it which i did regret for a bit.

Cant think for now so ill post a picture of me and Michelle @ Define event.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rainforest World Music Festival 2011

I've always wanted to visit RWMF 3 years back and plan always phailed. So this time,my random friend suddenly asked me whether am i interested to go cause he managed to get VIP tics and accomodation for the event. Late bookings for accommodation will definitely cost a bomb so do book in advance if u're planning to go next year.

Rainforest is rated as the Top 25 best international festivals by the magazine and people from all walks of life attended the event. During the 3 days event, it was an eye opener for me as i see ppl from different countries and "tribe". There were kids, teenagers, many many tourists and people from the forest wearing sexy underwear and clothes made out of leaves. Very interesting.

Extracted from Wikipedia:

The Rainforest World Music Festival is an annual 3-day music festival celebrating the diversity of world music, held in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, with daytime music workshops, cultural displays, craft displays, food stalls, and main-stage evening concerts. It is now one of the largest musical events in Malaysia with a total weekend audience approaching 30,000.

The festival features a wide range of performances from traditional music, to world fusion and contemporary world music. The festival emphasizes the use of traditional acoustic world instruments, although electric accompaniment instruments are common.

View from our room, the sun,sea,sand,coconut trees and fresh sea breeze. Damai Beach Resort.


We had a day tour in the cultural village and that was where the festival was held.

Intruders on the bridge.

Traditional cookies.

Music is one interesting thing. you can make music beats in the lake as well.

Recharged for the party.

essential when u're in the hutan hujan tropika.

With Jack.

Our fav hang out place to booze up before we go to the main stage.

Lotsa Heinekens.

Main Stage

a pic with the guy with a sexy underwear.

The crowd.

Jack and Kent the Heineken delivery boys

On Sunday, Kent who is a Sarawakian brought us for a city tour and makan trip. We went to 7 different eating spots in a day and i ate like i've not eaten for ages.

famous Kolo mee. The noodle's texture is in between maggi mee and wantan mee texture.

Belacan noodles.

Ice Kacang and Metahorn

Sarawak Laksa.taste very much like Ipoh's curry mee.

The best siu mai i've ever had so far. The filling is pure meat.


They actually have Sarawak River Cruise like how they have it in overseas.

and we chose to take the semi sampan instead because the rivercruise is only open in the evening.

Kent said its a must to take picture with the cat when u're in Kuching.

Miao Miao city.

Coconut and sugarcane. Right combination to quench thirst.

some biscuit thing kiap with luncheon meat,cheese and meat sauce. We wanted to tarpau extra for supper but it was sold out.

Q-ing for our ice cream.

Yummeh homemade icecream.

making all sorts of wishes at the wishing well.

Laksamana Chengho

We left for another round of food after spending a short 15 minutes at the park because it started to rain.

Kueh Chap and WhiteLady.

Best lamb soup ever.

Our last night.matching dress from Bali with Shirley.

Beer marathon with GAB and TV3 crew.

with the sporting couple.

We are planning for our Zoukout trip in Singapore this year. More VIP privileges to come.

If you like cultural music, this would be your thing.