Friday, March 6, 2009

Birthday Part II

mid terms over..i struggled alot for my's cause of last minute i've to struggle to understand all 3 chapters in a day..which i totally have no interest on that subject.. Bf is getting jealous that he couldnt celebrate birthday with me like how my friends could celebrate with was my mistake actually..

i did a huge mistake that made him cancel his flight back to Malaysia..dun ask me what i did..but the mistake was incredibly huge..Sorry dear..

he was the first person to sing me a birthday song this year thru skype..and it's my first year celebrating my birthday with him..more to come..

and i got my birthday card 1 day after my birthday..better late than never and thoughts that count..

and i have accumulated gifts from him..i dunno what u call this thing..but it's the thing where toddlers suck on it..can anyone help me to name this thing..or else i'll be calling it "CHUTCHUT" all the time..
with lil ducky..from swarovski..

my girlfriends are very thoughful of giving me g-string and t-backs..

written there CALL ME..hmphh

and i love the pink kisses printings..looks very much that my girlfriends love to stain my t-back with lipstick..and they love to kiss my panty..

and my lovely bday bf,me and Mika..

off to work now..