Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mid terms!!

my mid terms gonna be next week..and i've yet to study for my exams..i'm more concern on how to earn more money instead of facing all the superb thick books which makes me sleepy..

ok wil be having authentic burberry bags on sale visit from time to time..wil be uploading soon..pls bare with the "under construction" webshop..stil editing it for the ease of navigation for my customers...

anything u guys are lookin for do let me know s well..i can try my best to get the items for u guys and provide a competitive it gadgets,designer bags,beauty products and etc...i'm like opening a "hypermarket" i know..

most of my friends commented that i've fairer and brighter complexion now..thanks to the Wonders of Dermedex..really good product i shall say..i dont really have a proper face cleansing regime previously..just wash my face with tap water or normal Neutrogena cleanser..but after using Dermedex..i fell for it badly..*strongly recommended*

and what ppl that i met thinks that i've mix blood..erm..more like malay i guess..or indon-chinese..mayb there's too many indon-chinese in my college..ok..basically they're trying to say that i look like malay..great!!hopefully no one wil stop me from eating Bak Kut Teh..

homeworks overload!!i hate accounts..i'm totally blank lookin at the questions..

and assignments due date soon..

i'm so gonna D.I.E!!