Monday, March 9, 2009


just done with me assignment..was damn frustrated before it was actually done..i had 2 assignments due today..and my lappy's i brought it to see the "doctor" today but still not recovered..gonna bring for repair again tmr..

and i was too bored thinkin what to write for my of it is Chemistry assignment which i dun understand why i need to study that when i'm majoring in Marketing and prolly Finance..

Thanks to Khai who's being very kind to help me out with my's all bout Aspartame..some kind of sweetener Palsweet and Equal..contains Aspartame which damages ur health..badly!!

I've to get my Human Resource Management assignment done myself..and Patrick did helped me out with one of my part..basically i've 5 parts to be completed which is Introduction,Objective,Limitation,Hierarchy,and Company's background..

We did the assignment based on an Engineering company which belongs to a pervert friend of mine..

anyways i went out of my mind thinkin what to write for that assignment..and did some self entertaining..

like the limitation or problem we encountered..i couldnt think of anything better to write til i came out with this "One of our group member pulled out due to some private reason and this very much affected our mood and enthusiasm to continue with this assignment"...crap i know..

and another part is objective..i wrote "One of our main objective is to get this assignment done in order to get good grades for this subject"

very true but i just couldnt add that in my assignment..mayb u guys can use it for ur assignment next time if u ran out of idea on what to write..hehe..

ok finally done with my assignments..thanks everyone who helped me out..i am so sleepy now..