Friday, March 13, 2009

R.I.P Mun Mun!!

this morning i was waken up by my aunt's call telling me the tragedy which happened with my neighbour in Ipoh..

it's really sad once i heard it and made me feel miserable til now..

my neighbour which i use to hang out with when i was a kid passed away yesterday morning in a car accident..eventually he went out with his girlfriend and another 2 friends in kampar for supper and when they were on they way back the car hit a lorry parked at the roadside..

my mum and grandma went to pay a last visit to him yesterday night and from what they heard is the driver lost control and the accident happened..prolly the driver is driving too fast..

my friend which i used to call him Mun Mun died on the spot due to heart failure and the gf passed away when she was in the hospital due to brain damage..they were the back passenger..

and the car drove is a new honda civic..the car is badly damage..

i hardly see him once i leave my high school..but still it gives an impact to me thinkin that a friend that once i was close with passed away..

it definitely gave a big impact to the family..and at the same time during the funeral..the had a wedding ceremony for them as well..

what more..the gf''s mum is all alone now cause the parents divorce..and i guess she's the only daughter she had..

they're both in their early 20's

i'll definitely feel bad when i go back to Ipoh now..

when my aunt hang up the phone i called my mum..and what i can tell her other than it's all fated..i mean from thousands or millions of ppl why them??so i guess it's really fated..i cant imagine how would it be if it actually happened to someone closer to me now..**touchwood**

it's all in the newspaper and u guys can read bout it here

so guys..appreciate ppl around u and pls dun speed..just concentrate when u're driving..

ok i seriously feel bad now!!

Rest In Peace Mun Mun and Janice!!you'll always be remembered!!