Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My 22nd Bday!!

I hate the fact that i'm getting another year older again..but i had a great Bday this year cause of all the surprises i had!!

It was so unexpected that all my wonderful friends would actually plan for a surprise for me cause they know that i'll be having exams like the next day..I'm so touched..and i swear i almost tear..I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Eugene came all the way down from Ipoh bringing my custom made Birthday Cake..he appeared at my doorstep like 12 sharp..and when i opened the door i was so shocked to see him..Top Rated friend he is..

Daddy and Lilian
My "BOX" of cake..the box is made of edible chocolate..very yummy
Tiramisu Cake..perfect gift cause it's like 2 in 1..and what wastage cause everything's edible

ok what more can i say when i have such great friends..eugene came down all the way after work and went back early the next morning cause of his work..
THANKS EUGENE for all the effort and initiative to celebrate my Birthday..
my two girlfriends Cynthia and Fernnie planned a Birthday Dinner for me..calling up all my friends to gimme a surprise..and indeed it was really a surprise cause i didnt expect Dorothea and Aarti to be there as well..

Thanks for the ride Baby Fern

and Baby Cyn's new found friend!!

been quite sometime since i last went out with Aarti..

Aarti Female 50 Gorgeous Ppl!!

Dorothea,Lovely Baby Cyn

Thanks Baby Cyn for ur great plannings..heh..kisses for u
Fernnie's new found friend..

forced to eat soft shell crab...

Lol..everyone have to responsible for unfinished food..

Dorothea babe

Fernnie's turn

we've nothing better to play but fork..

We are actually very normal ppl who just pose like anyone else..

Ok i found my pressie underneath my clothes..

It's a G string!!

I guess the staff's at Sushi Zanmai just cant wait for us too leave..cause we're like the most noisy group in the restaurant..

and Dorothea gave me a ride home..thanks babe..
ok..i'm speechless now..cause my friends are just too perfect for me..looking forward for this friday!!or saturday!!