Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Manchester Stadium tour!!

finally got the chance to visit Manchester Stadium at Old Trafford at my 3rd visit..the first time i went was because we were late by 15 mins for the last tour and the 2nd time was because they did not conduct any stadium tour due to some unforeseen circumstances..and so i manage to visit the stadium before i leave Manchester ..
it's a routine to take pics at the bus stop while waiting for a's bout 15 mins bus ride to Old Trafford where the stadium is situated..

Man U Museum

the walk way in to our tour meeting point
the stadium which u all saw from the TV..usually ppl's butt will cover off the wordings ..

sunny day

Going in to Munich Tunnel

Remembrance of those who did not survived during Munich Tragedy

the tour guide explaining to us bout Munich disaster which happened on 1958 where 8 Man U players died..damn sad can..

the players changing room..i can smell all the sweaty armpit smell..

everyone's busy taking pics..

we busy taking pics of ourselves..



the best spot to take pics of the whole stadium

Osaka Baby

we're not allowed to step on the "expensive" grass

thousands of seats in the stadium..

Home Team Seats..

I shall come here to watch a football match next time..
the stadium tour and museum cost bout 11-12 pounds..i think it's worth paying..
For dinner that night we went to 110 restaurant which is a located inside Circus Casino at Manchester...i guess i had the best fine dining meal for the first time in 22 years of life..

Baby P's Lamb Shank

and my Roasted Crispy Duck..I swear this is the best crispy duck i ever had in my life..feel so much like crying eatin it cause it's toooooo YUMMY....i've been repeating how nice it is to Baby P when every piece of duck meat went in my mouth..

and the best part of all...the normal price is suppose to be 24 pounds and we went in to dine before 7pm and so we got 50% discount for it..and what more???10 pounds complimentary chips to minus it off..the meal only cost 2 pounds 50..which is less than RM20...i swear i'll go back again to dine..