Tuesday, June 2, 2009


malaysia's connection is so much more slower compared to only takes me few seconds to upload 5 pics in UK but in Msia bout 3-5 mins..and i've plenty of pics to upload and the connection is not helping..
went to liverpool last Monday after Baby P's exam and i dun mind staying in either Liverpool or Manchester..but not London..
and last monday was Bank Holiday in Manchester and so they have this parade..which i'm not pretty sure what are they i went to "8"(busybody)

it's more like a christian celebration for something..

Thornton's ice cream is good~~they sell a wide range of chocs as well..very famous in UK..

and finally we reach liverpool after 45 mins train ride from Manchester..

Hello Liverpool

all de wonderful buildings..

for entertainment purpose..

The art gallery

spot where m i..
the gardens in UK are much more nicer to chill..


Liverpool city tour bus..din get the chance to ride due to time constraint

a glimpse of Liverpool City..

and one of Liverpool's main attraction is Albert Dock..a must go place if u're there..

inside Albert Dock..

trying to check out what's inside..n all i found is rubbish..

Come to Mummy!!..and the parents are quite sad that their child choose me rather than them..

The Beatles Exhibition..why is it in Liverpool??mayb they were originated from liverpool..hahha..i dont know..!!

we were given a listening device which guided us throughout the beatles tour..and i wasnt listening to it most of the time..

how amazing people in the olden days can take such pics??

new interest that i've found is to imitate statues and

The Beatles recording room..

and the finale..John Lennon's territory..i guess..i'm not a big fan of Beatles...

the Yellow Duck Marine Ride..

it's like a Car+Boat ride..didnt get the chance to ride cause it's fully booked

and Yates for Dinner
i hadLasagne..damn nice can!!

and Baby P had Chicken Tikka Masala..damn nice also..2 main course for 6.95 pounds..

and bye bye Liverpool..

and we reach Manchester ard 8pm and there's still sunlight..

Thanks Baby P for bringing me to Liverpool..muax muax..
i shall do the next update later or tmr ya..takes me ages..