Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Mel's back from US..she's a very good friend of mine since high school and we still keep in touch til now..and she came down to KL last Thursday and she wanted to we brought her to Zouk together with Baby Cyn and Wei Leng..

our personal driver for that night..Baby we can all drink and drunk..LOL..

and Baby Cyn injured her feet few days before but still she wanna club..damn hardcore

Baby Cyn..u look damn cute in this pic and i've to upload it thou my face is half cropped cause i just love how u look in this pic..

4play event that night..

i love 4play..

and wei leng reached abit later than us..sorry for not answering ur call..cant hear u in the club babe..hehe..

with weiling,baby cyn and sharon

hot stuff in the club!!

driver n my body guard..and of course my lover

MelLy AKA Melissa

who's hand was that..wei leng or Mel?

the girls gettin high!!

a kiss for our driver and body guard..pity Baby P cause he didnt enjoy himself that night..due to "sufferings" he had on his body..Thanks Baby P..

and Baby Cyn..i've got ur video of that night!!hehe..i enjoyed watching it over and over again..hehe..