Friday, July 29, 2011

Loud Festival and Artistry

Dilemma is back after giving me a break for 2 weeks. I turned down an offer previously and now comes another challenging interview session next Monday for another FMCG company which ranked top 5 in the world. After my previous interview session,test and case study presentation, i did gained valuable knowledge on that particular organization. It is addictive to go for interviews and assessments and tests. There's no harm going and you gain additional knowledge from there. I would say the coming offer(if i pass the interviews) will be very attractive. I would say im crazy if i were to turn down this offer and alot of ppl is dying to join this company. I've done the test and it's slightly harder than the first company i applied for. 2 interviews to go for these 3 days. One will be this Sunday with the HR ppl and another with 3-4 interviewers. Fingers crossed they will still hire me after 6 months.

My boss gave me 2 VIP tics for Loud Festival and i'll be heading to Artistry after that. My first one this year as i've missed out a few good ones few months back.

Gonna get my beauty sleep now.

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