Saturday, February 21, 2009

Iphone 3G or Pink Blackberry Bold

ok..i'm being very indecisive lately..i've to make decisions after decisions always..
last week in coll i've to choose what major that i want other than my marketing major..phychology?finance?mass com?or i've actually narrow down into 2 which is either pyschology or finance..

So Marketing and Finance or Marketing or Pyschology?Psychology sounds pretty fun thou..ok..leave that aside at the moment..cause i've more important things to decide..

Iphone 3G or Blackberry Bold??

i can feel that my phone is dying on me i guess i need to get a new phone before it actually dies off..

The Pink Blackberry Bold with white and pink sapphire diamonds and the Pink 3G iPhone 16GB with white diamonds. The Pink Blackberry Bold is embedded with a total of 328 diamonds (86 in the front and 242 at the back) The diamonds have a color F-G, Clarity of VS1 and a Bezel carat of approximately 3.95 phone has a 24hr one year international concierge service*.*..girls best friend..

Iphone has the free applications that i wished for..but it's a phone for people who're just too cool for nails..and i love my long strong healthy nails..
can i just have both??