Sunday, February 22, 2009


didnt manage to sleep well yest and woke up an hour earlier than i'm supposed to..i've so many errands to run today..half of it done..

my Baby 8000 is "physically injured" and currently "hospitalized"..for 2 weeks more or less..hopefully it can be done early..

and Lilian is being nice and kind to me..she offered to borrow me her car..Thanks Babe..Muaxxx..definitely makes my life easy for the time being..thanks for those who offered to fetch me ard..really appreciate all ur generous offers..if i need wil definite buzz u guys..

and thousand apologies to all those that i've troubled..i've no choice to call u all cause u're the random unlucky

basically the accident occured on the 18th of Feb 2009 which is 18/02/09 and it's such a coincident that the car registration number that my car hit is ur bets now ya..if u guys win do share half of ur winnings with me cause i gave u guys the number..i'm not lying and it's pretty creepy i know..

hmph..gonna take a nap now..