Saturday, February 21, 2009


it's almost 4 am now..and i'm not even sleepy yet cause i'd slept for 4 hours in the afternoon..just busy browsing around to check out the latest gadgets and get my blogshop done..

if my car wasn't "injured" i guess i'll b back Ipoh to see my parents and of coz my Baby Mika..bloody hell..i've been cursing alot for whatever happened..i shall stop cursing tmr onwards..

My mid term exams comin soon...gotta get myself to sit and study instead of facing the lappy almost 24/7..can someone please help me to hide my laptop til my mid term is over??..

another 74 days to go for my UK trip..i am indeed gettin more and more excited now..and til the day comes..prolly my degree of excite-ness wil be gone..i havta save and save and save more money in order to have a higher spendin power GBP wil drop!!!and MYR wil rise!!how i wish seriously...then i can get all designers bag with few hundred bucks MYR..i'm pretty much dreamin i know..

Alright..I shall get myself on bed now!!

-There's always a better tomorrow!-