Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eugene's Bday

We had a roadtrip back to Ipoh last Tuesday for Eugene's 23rd Birthday..another last minute plan and everything was a mess when we were planning it..but anyhow d surprise bday party was indeed a successful one..

Picnic in d car..departed from Mid Valley ard 8pm..

tiring trip because i've to drive and it was a one day trip..

setting up d cake at "lorong belakang"

my lamb chop at Olivens..

i'm a total failure in cuttin lambs into Kai Sien and Eugene helped me..KS busy cutting and Eugene explainin how it works..

D birthday cake we bought!!

happy guy..

Happy BIrthday Eugene D Hair Stylist..

and Vincent helped us throughout d whole birthday planning..

Finally cake cutting ceremony..

we were all tired once we reached KL in d mid of night..

p/s:eugene's my friend for 8 years and he's been always there for me..and now i'm blardy tired and i'm not in d right state of mind to blog further..and I LOVE YOU BABY CYN..if u need someone to play barbie doll with i'm here for u..looking forward for our holiday ya..!!