Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Krabi Trip

it was indeed a very last min plan to go Krabi..thanks to Mandy who told me that she's going to Krabi d next day after years of not chatting with her last Wednesday..and I browsed thru Go Holidays and Air Asia the min after she told me..and we got a pretty good deal for d trip even thou we booked like a week before..

we went for 3 days 2 nights trip which cost less than RM900 for 2 person..and my friends got better deals..i bumped into a senior from my high school while we were at Krabi which i totally forgot what her name was**so sorry**..and she got like less than RM1000 for 5 days 4 nights trip..but now it's monsoon season..that's why it's cheap..

Wei Han fetched us to the airport that very morning..

we had breakfast at Marry Brown..

and our flight delayed for bout an hour..

off to Krabi...

Baby P can really sleep everywhere he goes...u'll know what i mean later..

clouds look like candy floss...

and we reached less than an hour..and we have alot of ppl "welcoming" us..

we took a cab to our hotel..Krabi La Praya and the rooms are superb..very spacious where u can do somersault..

very welcoming elephants..they are towels btw..

and the balcony..which have a swimming pool view..where Baby P can check out chicks with big boobies..and also ang mohs lying down naked..hehe

the swimming pool..

one of the pathway to the swimming pool

the unattractive seaside..


Baby P enjoying Lays..

Lays in Thailand is much more nicer compared to those we have in Msia..

catching the sunset..

and we had our dinner by the beach..

coconut to suit the mood..

they have heart shaped mould rice..

we signed up for a 4 in 1 package on our first dayand went for the tour on our 2nd day..which includes elephant ride+elephant show+canoeing+James Bond Island

see sleeping again..

we have to take a long boat to our first stop James Bond Island

and i guess nothing great bout this island

except for this thing behind..known originally and locally as Ko Tapu or Nail Island, found fame through the 1974 Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun"

finger strenght is very much needed to hold on..

and we got back to our long boat after 30 mins of touring ard d island..

too strong the wind..

the next stop was canoeing..

i was praying hard that i can get the Pink Canoe..

my personal photographer getting prepared..

and my wished came true..I got the Pink Canoe..and Baby P is so happy for me that he's smiling so happily..and his eyes almost went missing..

we have to lie down in order to go to another "new world"

in the sea cave..

some ppl thought we're on honeymoon..

at one of the caves...

i know i have double chin..dun remind me..i'm enjoyin myself on the often do u get pink canoe btw??

Baby P being very professional..or shall i say trying to be professional..

and after an hour of sea canoeing..we're all starving for food..and they brought us to Mid of no where to have lunch..

i've no idea where's this place but it's located at the middle of the sea..some sort like a floating restaurant..

we did not hav seafood for lunch btw..

and they have very clean toilets..

looks more like a living room to me..

they are called Happy Toilet..cause they won awards for it's cleanliness..and the aroma and they music played i guess..the songs suit ur mood when u're pee-ing or poo-ing

after lunch we head to Elephant Park for our elephant ride..our very first attempt of elephant ride..kinda scary at first..cause it's so shaky that i tot i might fall off from the elephant..

we're actually forcing a smile but freaking out inside..

looks like Tarzan and Jane..our elephant ride was bout 15 mins..

poor lil monkey..playing alone...

and next up was Elephant Show..these elephants are so smart which made me feel like getting one as my pet..they know how to greet you..

they can sit and cross their legs like humans...

they can stand on 2 legs like human..

they can do break dancing which not much humans can do..

and they can give u wonderful Thai Massage

and they can even give u "Banana Massage"..very well trained elephants..

we were all exhausted after the tour and we head back to our hotel right after the elephant show...

we had our dinner at Blue Orchid where they serve delicious Western,Mexican and Thai food..and we went for western food for d night because i was very much craving for cheese..

our cocktails..mine is Strawbery Dequiri and Baby P's Rum and Coke..only 100 B

Spaghetti meatballs..made out of pork

Very cheesy meatballs..

Chicken Cordon Blue

and BBQ pizza..

we woke up at 8am the next morning..

had 5 pieces of fried chicken from a roadside hawker stall and a room service for American Breakfast...

we departed from our hotel ard 10.30am to d airport and now i'm back in Malaysia and all stuck here again..

a very memorable trip indeed..and i wanna go to the beach again..i need a better tan skin to look more healthy..