Wednesday, January 13, 2010

4 more days!!

YEESSS...4 more days in Manchester and back to MalaySIAAAA..i'm hating the fact that everything will be back to square one once i'm and work again..but i cant wait to meet my friends and family..been slacking too much here and being all lazy for d past 1 month..i've been eating sleeping and onlinin most of d i am damn FATTTT now..

and i'm turning 23 this year..friggin old i feel...and hopefully i can graduate this year..NOT that i failed my subjects or's just that i'm taking extra subjects for my double major..and everyone's been asking me when am i graduating??yes i know i've been studying d longest time of my life..and i'm gonna explain it ONE LAST TIME here..i stopped studying for bout a year after my diploma and continued my degree on Mac 2008 and later on registered my subject wrongly and was advise to take double major or take d same subjects again and register it under Upper Iowa University(which is d uni that Segi's ADP is twinning with)..and so i decided to take double major and took additional subjects..and here i am now, still stuck with Segi College for my degree..i just wanna finish everything,graduate and leave..

and i am blardy fat now..i swear i'm gonna get rid of d cheese in my body that i've consumed in UK before Chinese New's damn hard to resist all d good foods they have here k..

thinkin of my flight back to Msia i am damn sick of it..i am gonna be stuck in d airport and plane for 23 hours inclusive of transit..what am i gonna do with 7 hours in Abu Dhabi airport..urghh...stressing the shit out of me now..