Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 First Post..

had a good end for year 2009 and a good start for year 2010 with great meals..i'm excited to blog today cause finally i have something different to blog about..i spent my past 10 days in Manchester eating sleeping and going down to city centre to shop EVERYDAY..and i must come back with at least something or else i'll feel guilty for passing my time without doing anything now i've plenty of hand gloves,scarfs,coats,clothes,christmas cards(for this year's xmas cause it's all 50% off and it's a good bargain),chocs and etc..and i guess i've exceeded my luggage limit..anyways..will sort that out later..

let me wish u all A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 and hope all d good things will come to u all this awesome year..let d past be memories and look forward to a better resolution for this year??to be happy,earn more,travel to more places,and be a goodie girl..

celebrated new year's eve meaningfully yesterday compared to i've said earlier during xmas it's more like a dead city in Manchester during Xmas..

we went for brunch and a shopping spree yest..damn alot of ppl..

the tram in Manchester..

we went to Yates for brunch yesterday and there's where i always feel guilty after eating..and what more Baby P fed me with a mouthful of cheese without telling me it's plain cheese that he's feeding me..damn evil this Baby P..we had Chicken Melts(d one covered with d most amount of cheese),lasagne(again!!it's my fav) and Chicken Alfrezi(some middle east food)..
and i'm so happy to see pink cabs and cars in Manchester..why dont they have any in Msia..

and went to shop yest..

it's not that much after folding up all d clothes..and i've got my PINK ROBE that i've been longing for since young!!!!!cost 10 pounds..

and bought flying lantern d day before but haven put it up yet..

before going out at new interest is to curl my hair..feel so comfortable with my pink robe..hopefully i can bring it back to msia..cause this thing takes up alot of space in my luggage....

our dinner was at 9.30 yest..damn hungry and had mini oreo..

being silly....

we had our dinner at slug and lettuce

while waitin for d rest..

lip yee and me

the menu

was wondering why there's condom vending machine in girls toilet..

see how nice they treat their staff..

our starter..din manage to take good pics of it cause all of us were starving..

Long Island Iced Tea and my Virgin Mojito(mixture of promegranate juice,mint,fine white sugar, and freshly squeezed lime juice)..

Lip Yee and Vera..

they had British Steak and Mushroom Pie..

Baby P's baked linguini cabonara..

Tat Su's 8oz grilled Rump Steak


Baby P's kan chan look..

and my grilled garlic butter chicken..d chicken breast in Heart Shape..

yuumm yummm meal..


and shooters as dessert..

group pic..all of them are Baby P's uni mates from Msia..



we went to city centre to countdown..d weather yest was damn cold that i feel so much like dying..and everyone was partying outside to countdown for new year..

while waiting for d fireworks we tangkap gambar together with d ferries wheel a.k.a Manchester eye..

ppl queue-ing up for d ride..

me and Vera..awesome name..i love Vera Wang..

Msians in Manchester..

Tat Su is such a shy guy..any girl's interestedwith this friend of mine??very gentleman,polite,humble, and RICCHH!!haha..he just came back from Europe trip..**jealous**

the crowd yesterday..

waiting for fireworks

Manchester had fireworks of more than 10 minutes..and d fireworks are not as awesome as Malaysia...but then it follows d beat of d music..

first pic together for 2010..

after counting down to 2010..we had supper at Taiwu..what a great start for 2010..good meal to start a new year..

p/s:cant wait to go back to msia..i'm being too lazy here..