Monday, December 21, 2009

Reporting from Manchester..

after 18 hours of flight and transit..i've finally reached was a tiring whole body was aching especially my knee cap..the temperature here is between 0 degree to -2 degree..i am loving it!!everywhere is covered with snow..

a glimpse of Mika with her devil look..she's very angry that i left her in Msia..

i took Etihad Airway to Manchester this time which cost is cheaper than air asia for d dates that i'm travelling..and services are way much better..they serve u food so often that u will not complain that u're hungry throughout your whole journey..and they are the world's leading first class airline for d year 2009!!

airplane's interior..

the food was ok..

d screen at each and every seat..entertainments,news and games for u to past ur time faster..they are loaded with latest movies,news, and games..and even u can check maps and also ur flight details..

flight details...

can also view camera before and during d plane lands or take off..

food and food and food..

the choc mud cake was delicious..besides that u can also ask for unlimited beverages such as juice,soft drinks liquer,wine and some other alcoholic drinks..wherease air asia which is a low cost airline requires you to pay for everything u order including sky juice..

the plane..

and they also have Harrods at first time boarding a plane from KLIA..

and i happened to bump into dennis,my coll mate at Abu Dhabi airport when we were boarding for our plane to Manchester..he went to visit his gf at Manchester world..he was testing out "power" outside Manchester airport

a welcome gift from Baby sweet of him to get me all d pink stuff..thanks dear..

gonna do my shoppings tmr..

will update often cause d connection here is super duper fast..just few secs to upload pics..