Saturday, December 12, 2009


it's almost d end of d fall semester 09 for my American Degree Program at Segi College..assignments been keeping me busy past few weeks..everyone's busy revising for exams now..and i'm still slacking and wasting all d precious time i have..i'm supposed to be studying by papers til saturday and i'll be rushing back to ipoh right after that to pack and flying off d next day..

i'm not that excited for my trip to UK this time compared to my first trip..i'm worried that i cant stand d incredibly cold weather..i've not get my gloves,ear muff,winter jackets,scarf and other necessities to keep myself warm in UK..time is too packed..

i've 3 papers on wednesday..and i guess i'm gonna DDDDDDDIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE this time..3 papers which are critical thinking,investment and business law..this is super tough..

all i gotta say is good luck to myself and GOOD LUCK to y'all..