Friday, December 18, 2009


i am unbelievably writting this blog at 6.38am..where i'm suppose to b studying..i woke up early to study but since it's d last mind is asking me to take my own sweet i'm refusing to study..spent d last 2 hours fb-ing and browsing ard for latest news on politics,weather change,currency exchange and celebrities news..

fb is just addictive..and streamyx is being so evil to me..before exams d connection was so so so bad and during exams when i tot i wont b able to online due to d sucky connections and fully concentrate on my exams,it turn out that streamyx was being nice to me and gave me smooth connections in order to release stress?? made me face d lappy 24/7 and divert my attention to online rather than basically i've wasted plenty of time now i guess i'll regret when i get my results..T.T

was browsing thru friend's fb and everyone is enjoying their time of their life playing snows and ice skating..cause i started snowing yesterday.hmph..hopefully it will snow again when i'm there..i just cant wait to reach Manchester..wanna get rid of all d lenghty hours of flights and transits..cause it's just plain sufferings waiting and waiting..

I hope xmas thiss year will b a good one..i want plenty of pressies,candies and a dinner(hopefully)..cause BABY P havta work on Xmas he's gonna work i'm gonna spend xmas eve somewhere with some cute guys..hmph..awesome plan!!

i shall take more pics and show u guys..but i realised my camera is pretty sucky ever since i took photography class..i want a semi pro camera like Panasonic Lumix LX3 or Canon S90 and a few lomos and polaroid..

p/s:The Penthouse is opening in Jan!!