Monday, December 13, 2010

The Phenomenal Zoukout 10!!!

Me and Lilian flew to Singapore last Saturday for Zoukout's 10th anniversary's definitely worth sacrificing our beauty sleep for the party..i had 2 hours of sleep the night before and 1.5 hours of sleep before the event..

we stayed at Hotel Michael which is situated at Sentosa Island..walking distance to Universal Studio and Siloso Beach,Zoukout's venue..

complimentary VIP tics..

we felt rather exclusive having the VIP tics because we managed to skip the super long queue which will prolly take us an hour to enter without the express lane..other than that,ntg great bout the VIP tics we got..

Lilian and me

babes,boobs and beers..

KL party go-ers

Mike and Amir..

managed to meet the some of our was so hard to contact each other due to the limited coverage..

rain or shine event...

i was prolly praying for the rain to come when they took this pic..

our nest..beers+vodka+redbull=sleepless night

the event was rather phenomenal..i am still in my zoukout's mood now..and i am missing SG..the only disappointment was that we didnt manage to meet all my friends cause it was too crowded and the coverage sucks big was our first time partying for 8 hours straight and now we're wrecked!!will prolly go again next year cause Zoukout's event is exceptionally good and it gets better each and every year i believe..i'm so into Tiesto and David Guetta now!!

the next day my cousin came to look for me,brought me and Lilian for lunch and sent us to the airport..

Rach and Alton

largest pizza i've seen so far..

time to go home :((((

next up will be Universal Studio Singapore..