Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Preparations Before Chinese New Year!!

i've never thought that i will have the time to actually prepare for Chinese New year this year.cause previously i was busy with the shop and i thought i will not be able to return to Ipoh till a day before CNY..but i am set free yesterday and i am effing happy..will be carefree for a week at least..

and i also never expect to prepare for CNY this preparation in terms of look fab during CNY..obviously everyone wants to look fab during CNY and same goes to me cause i'll be meeting my friends who came back from half across the world for CNY..and also friends who are scattered all ard Msia and other countries..i am excited to meet them for a reunion..

so things that need to be prepared before CNY
manicure. checked(went through alot of hassle for a manicurist who are free to do it)
pedicure. checked(did my own pedi at home)
waxing. appointment on sat
hair colour and trimming. appointment done
clothes. bought sufficient to last for CNY during my trip to UK
car wash. done last week
journey back to Ipoh. makes me nauseous thinking of it

er that's all i guess...HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!