Sunday, February 7, 2010

never been so tired!!

i've never been to tired and this time it really test my patience and ability to handle stress..sobx..everyone's out to shop for CNY and i am stucked with work and assignments..

CNY is just ard d corner..i've yet to unpacked my luggage especially d super huge luggage(refer to pic below)..and d smaller luggage is one of my fav thing that i've bought so far..very proud of it that i have a quilted friends saw it and wants to steal it from me..even my bro wants it for his gf..but CANNOT..i am not gonna sell it or give it away cause its one of a kind..

Valentine's coming soon..and it will be CNY at d same day..not sure how am i gonna celebrate..Baby P is gonna work..and now he's working like a workaholic now..and i am missing him badly..
i am missing d cold weather at UK..Malaysia ia blardy hot and i cant tolerate d heat any mood will go really bad when d sun hits my skin and when i feel d burning sensation on my skin..YES i am cold blooded one..i can only live in cold places like underwater,damp areas and low temperatures places..i detest going out in d afternoon but i have no choice at d moment..

and i am now waitin patiently for my White BB Curve..they dun have it in Malaysia at d i've asked Baby P to send it back to me from UK..and i've yet to get my iphone..i know i've been talking bout it for ages and not getting it..its because i wouldnt want to pay a freaking RM2490 for a phone and get tied up to a phone plan that i dun think its worth it..and furthermore i can now get it at a more affordable price after CNY..will tell u how when i got d phone.