Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wuhoooo Manchester..

I heart UK!!i'm flying off to Manchester on 20th December......this time not taking Air Asia cause the air fare is kinda pricey..cost bout RM3k not inclusive of meal and luggage and insurance..

and after much consideration on which airline to choose..i've finally decided to take Etihad Airway..Lip Yee(Baby P's friend) suggested that i take Etihad instead cause it cost RM3k also and it's a flight to Manchester and MAS airline also cost bout the same but the flight is to London and which means more hassle to travel back to Manchester..but what i'm concern now is d transit in Abu Dhabi..i might get lost during the transit and miss my flight to Manchester..cause i'm blur, slow and Baby P thinks that i might be too busy shopping in the airport and miss my flight during the transit..which is pretty what i'll do is i wont change my money to UAE i wont have d currency to shop,but still i'll stop once awhile to check out the stuff there..hehe..

so it's time to get all my assignments done and cant wait for exams to over..

p/s:Happy 19th Monthsary Baby P..and Happy Birthday Hsiao Ling...