Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 3 at manchester

weather is rather cold here especially when the wind's worse than being in a plenty of moisturisers is needed avoid myself from having "sand paper" skin..
so i had macaroni and cheese for breakfast yesterday..
just need to heat it up with microwave oven..

looks yucky but it's yummy

add some parsley,black pepper and a tablespoon of butter..and it'll be a perfect plate of macaroni and cheese..
went out to the city to explore the shops available..

alot of walkings here..

but i'm too lazy to walk yesterday..and we took the bus instead..

while waiting for the bus.. of my fav shop in manchester...

Barrots in manchester..they have variety of flats and heels..

Subway for lunch..

i had steak and cheese..

pound world..where things just cost 1 pound each..

variety of sweets..

doesnt taste as nice s it looks..

name of the shop above..MADHOUSE CLEARANCE

hmphh..i manage to take photo of it anyhow..



shoppings for today..hairdryer only cost 5.99 pounds..

i had home cooked food for dinner..thanks to the chef=Baby P..i had onion egg,black pepper lamb,sweet and sour chicken and vege for dinner..

the puppy with lashes and my blingbling cap...

and we sneaked out at night to the casino..
i'm exaggerating the weather here with my clothings..but i seriously cant stand the i wore extra layer of clothings..
the shops here closes as early as 5pm on i had limited time to shop today..gonna continue my shopping spree the next day