Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bla Bla Black Sheep..

Dear Diary,
Gloomy weather sure everyone wants such weather everyday..feels like i'm in a cold weather country and i love it..

Everyone's on lazy and sleepy mode..perfect day to those who usually work under the scorching hot least i dont feel bad looking at them working outdoor today..

Life's been pretty good for me..and someone is trying so hard to mess up my life..prolly he/she is not happy with his/her own life or someone sick in the brain that they can't afford to see other people living a peaceful and happy life..Dude seriously,go get a life!!how can one be so free to mess up other ppl's life..My advise to you,maybe you should go fix your own fucked up life instead of wasting your time doing nonsensical things..Don't fill ur heart with hatred or doesnt do any good to you and it just show how silly you are..go think bout it before you try to do anything else to me..

Sad to say,whatever things you did was a total doesnt affect me,or my friendship with my friends..and it made me realised who my true friends are and i know they will always be there for me..dun waste ur time seriously..


back to work..btw my bosses are the nicest people on planet earth..