Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 Multiple Birthday Celebrations

i had d best bday celebration this year...or i should say..its better each and every year..i love birthdays..

Baby Cyn gave me a birthday treat at a Jap restaurant at One world hotel..and the food was the BEST JAPANESE food that i've ever had..i'll give it 5/5 ratings..i swear the food is damn nice and i dont really fancy jap food but i am now proud to say i LOVE JAP food..thumbs up and u guys should go try....

we were too hungry and ordered huge amount of food..

Baby Cyn..I LOVE U!!!

me and the jap food...

Baby Cyn never fail to surprise me with a bouquet of flowers and a meaningful bday card..

and later on we went to curve..and another round of surprise from my friends from Ipoh..they came down all d way from Ipoh to celebrate my bday..**touched**..and Mel Chi(the girl on the far left) came back from US as well and this year she's ard to celebrate my bday..we've not celebrate each other's bday for 4 years..

thanks Mel for the choc truffles..

and the next day..i had a date with my girlfriend/former housemate/coll mate Mandy,together with Insanity Lo and Peng Hong..they brought me for Korean food on my u Mandy darling..

i love this of the thing is bibbimbab if i'm not mistaken...

Fatty Lo and Peng Hong..doing some comments on the food..

and a birthday cake..and i am indeed very touched..thanks mandy darling,fatty lo and peng hong for d great bday treat..

after that i went to sunway for another round of bday celebration..with Kevin,Zhen Hui and Sook Yee..

my stomach was loaded with food by the time i reach sunway...

and another cake...sobx...thanks ppl...

and Day 3

Baby Fern's finally free...we went to Mum's Place at Damansara Perdana and they serve authentic Baba n Nyonya food..

sambal petai fish...which gave me "fire burning in the a**hole d next day"

finally a pic together after months of not seeing each other

with 2 hot stuff....

after dinner we went back to Baby Cyn's place to meditate for a bit...

i had d best 3 days bday celebration this year with those who actually celebrated with u guys much..


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