Monday, October 12, 2009


so much thing's that will be happening this month that makes me busy..from assignments to jobs to my online business to Beyonce I Am concert(the only thing that i'm so looking forward into now)

time flies when u're all busy and time passes so slow when u have nothing to do..i have this law assignments which suffocate me and i spent the entire day yesterday reading the case study and came out with nothing..dateline's next week and i can't believe that i'm doing my assignment 1 week in advance..which is so not me..i'm a last minute person btw..i study last minute,i do my assignments last minute and i do everything else last minute..and now i'm still stucked with the many jargons and law terms which i dun understand which i spent the longest time of my life using a dictionary yesterday..ok..i've to admit that i'm stupid that i dun understand 5 out of 10 words in each's d hardest assignments i've ever done btw..feel so stressed not understanding and not being able to look for an answer for it..i've to seek help from lawyers and also law students!!i'm gonna die if i ever major in Law..

another thing which makes me happy this week is that the sterling pound is dropping!!hopefully it'll reach 1 pound=RM5.00 another few days and currently it's RM5.34 to 1 pound..when the pound is lower i will have more money to spend end of the year..and i will have greater purchasing power...

anyways i shall continue doing my assignment and start studying..mid term's next week..and good luck to those who're sitting for d exam...xoxo